Grandfather's Stories

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Upon graduation from the PMA, he was assigned to fight the Communist insurgents within the Philippines. Because he didnít want to fight his own people, he volunteered to go and serve the United Nations effort in Korea under the US Army in 1952. In Korea he was a platoon leader while he was patrolling the nomads land. He had been patrolling for quite some time when he had encountered an enemy patrolman and killed two of them in a little gun battle between his platoon and the two Communist patrollmen. After spending one year in Korea the armistice was signed, and he came home. That was the time when he married Adoracion Aguilar of Caloocan, Rizal.

When he contstructed the first freeway in the Philippines it was called the Manila North Diversion Road or the Manila North Express Way, they were working 24 hours a day. The Secretary of Public Works and the Executice Secretary said that the Army can construct something that the Civilians could not do within a limited amount of time. According to them, the President could use the freeway within 340 days of the beginning of construction. They finished 21 kilometers of concrete road in less than a year while civilian contracters would have taken 4-5 years to complete that length. His family had to go to the site in order to see him since he had to stay there to finish the job in order to fulfill the promise of the secretary. He was the supervisor of the entire project of the highway. They had to clear rice fields and rolling terrain. When they finished the project on time for the birthday of the President of the Philippines he was sent to take up advanced courses in Engineering in Virgina. And this was also the time when he asked his Wife, nanay, to come with him to the US. President Ferdinand Marcos was the first person to go across the freeway. By passing through it, he inaugurated the newly constructed road and certified its assembly.